Here we going to make the list of most popular, most watched, most revenue generating or most played sports in America. The list about Most Popular Sports in America will tell you about the American’s preference in sports.

Here are the top-10 trending most popular sports in America, 2019-

1. American Football (NFL):

Incepted in New Jersey in 1869, American Football has risen in more than a century to become the most popular sports in the US. The National Football League, known as the NFL, has seen an increased in viewers in recent following years of decline in viewers amidst a political motivated controversial.

The 2019 NFL Draft set a record for the most NFL draft watched ever with an average of 6.1 million viewers, solidifying American football as the no. #1 trending most popular sports in America.

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2. Baseball (MLB):

There is only one American pastime and it’s baseball. It’s popularity began in the early 20th century and has never gone far from America’s conscience. If you base your argument on history and culture, baseball is America’s favorite sport.

The New York Yankees are the most popular team in all of baseball and even during the 90’s era tainted by performance enhancing drugs, baseball remains a solid #2 on this list with current stars like Aaron Judge, Clayton Kershaw and Mike Trout breaking records and dominating opponents.

3. Basketball (NBA):

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the USA after Football & Baseball. Also, it is the 10th most followed sport in the world. Basketball’s competitions organized under the National Basketball Association (NBA).

NBA has produced some greatest basketball players like Micheal Jorden and LeBron James. and With estimated 14,000 attendance per match, Basketball is the 3rd most popular sport in the United States.

4. Ice Hockey (NHL):

Ice Hockey in the US which is played at the Apex level at the National Hockey League is home to a plethora of youthful talents majorly from American and Canada. The majority of Americans in the sports may be a reasonable factor responsible for the large viewers, Ice Hockey has managed to garner. In 2019, about 5.33 million viewers watched the NHL Stanley Cup games in the US, the second-highest in the past five years.

5. Soccer:

A sport which will definitely be at the top spot in Europe, lands in the fourth space in America. In recent years, Americans have shown considerable interest in soccer. Their interest in soccer has gone way past the Major League Soccer (MLS) which has seen the influx of some of Europe’s finest players, such as the controversial Ibrahimovic and Wayne Rooney.

The 2019 women’s World Cup Final which was won by the USA, was viewed by 14.3 million viewers in the USA, a significant increase compared to the Men World Cup Final in 2018.

6. Tennis:

Tennis is the next sport in the list of most popular sports in America. This game is equally popular in man & women. Greatest tennis players of all time like Serena Williams, Venus Williams, Andy Roddick, and others are the current inspirations for youngsters in America.

The United States has had a glorious record in tennis since they started participating in this sports.

7. Golf:

In the US, the game of golf is one that is a favourite pastime for many. As a competitive sport, Tiger Woods surely brought the game of golf to the fore in American sports.

The sports has been intensely competitive in recent years, as the intensity of the game increases, the attention it has received has skyrocketed.

08. Wrestling:

Undoubtedly and unarguably one of the most-watched and popular sports in the USA, several stars in wrestling have seen their fame rise to the point that Hollywood has beckoned on them. The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) considered to be the pinnacle of professional wrestling, has been the major factor that has attracted millions to the sports.

The rise of several other pro wrestling events such as All Elite Wrestling will further consolidate Wrestling as one of the most popular sports in America.

9. Motor Sports:

Motor Sports Including auto-car and motorcycle racing, is the 9th sport in the list of Most Watched Sports in the USA. NASCAR is the biggest organization in the USA, which organize races in America. Motor Sports is the 2nd most-watched sport after Football in the American continent.

10. Badminton:

Badminton is one of the best and amazing sports in American sports list. Lots of people playing this game for just entertainment but at national-based, this game has no name.

Badminton is also an easy game that people can play anywhere and any place. This game mostly played in Universities, Colleges, and Schools.

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