The NFL is an acronym short for the National Football League, which is a sports league in the United States of America. It is not football as many know it internationally, that is called soccer in the United States. This is a form of American football which involves a lot more rules and the throwing of the ball and hard hitting tackles.

How Many Teams are in the NFL?

There are 32 football teams in the NFL and unlike the NBA all of the teams are located within the United States.

How Long is An NFL Season and When Does It Start?

The season is seventeen weeks long and each team plays sixteen games, with one of the weeks being a “bye” week. A “bye” week is simply a week off for each team, but they do not all occur at the same time. With sixteen games per team and thirty two teams in the league, this comes out to a total of 256 games per season, not including the playoffs. The season usually starts in September and ends in February.

How to Reach the Super Bowl in the NFL?

The playoffs are special in the NFL, because they are not like other American sports leagues. Many other leagues, including the NBA, play the same amount of rounds but instead play a series against their opponents. This is different in the NFL, because there are still four rounds including the championship, but only one game is played per round instead of five to seven games. This is due to the physicality of football games, which typically result in injuries every single game.

What Makes the NFL So Special?

What makes the NFL interesting even when games are not being played, is the amount of drama that happens in the league. A majority of it even comes in the off season, but it seems like football players are always getting themselves into trouble in the NFL. Unfortunately it is often legal trouble and it can permanently tarnish a players career. Careers can also be ended due to injuries that happen on the field due to the high physicality of the sport. You must know that the NFL is simply a very difficult league to play in, especially for a long period of time.

How Do I Watch the NFL?

            In order to watch the NFL you must have a television provider or create an online account for one of these television providers. From there you log onto television channel stream services. Look for television channels like ABC, ESPN, CBS and NFL TV.

Who is the Best Player in the NFL So Far?

However there is one man who defies all of these rules and that is none other than Tom Brady. He has been a part of a few cheating controversies, but none have been proved against him and despite these blemishes on his career he has become one of the most winning quarterbacks in the history of the sport. He has won a record seven Super Bowls (the name for the NFL championship) and this number has never been matched by any other player or coach in NFL history. Tom Brady is also still playing today in his early 40’s, in fact he just won the Super Bowl last year! He truly is a special guy and will continue to make history in the years to come.

What Should I Know About the NFL?

You need to know that the NFL has thirty two teams and each team plays sixteen games, not including the playoffs. The NFL is a really tough league to play in because of the physicality of the sport and how much trouble the players get in. Despite the difficulty of excelling in the sport, Tom Brady has been able to do so just fine. We hope you learned something from this article and now know more information about the NFL!

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